According to scientific report by PhD. Artur Kalinski, DIETETIC CENTRE Agency for Nutritional Advise:

1. fibre presence in food prevents obesity by increasing volume of food swallen which     leads to feeling of fullness faster;

2. fibre binds biliary acids and cholesterol compounds and this way lowers its     concentration in blood;

3. binds sodium ions and lowers blood pressure;

4. food rich in fibre activates chewing function and saliva secretion;

5. neutralises and binds surplus of hydrochloric acid in stomach;

6. fibre presence in food stops insulin secretion by pacreas during eating;

7. increases bowel filling up what leads to better blood supply and peristalsis;

8. creates favourable base for growth of desired bacterial flora in bowel;

9. diet rich in fibre reduces risk of appearance of coronary disease, colon cancer and     diabetes;

10. products rich in fibre, specially those produced from citrus peel are able to neutralise      free radicals.